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Family Fun
3 Activities for £15

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Welcome to Earleywood Scout Campsite based on the edge of Sunningdale.  Following positive feedback from our previous family openings during the Covid period and given the limitations for Scout meetings, we are open to private bookings  if they don't clash with other bookings.
For just £15 a family groups of 6 people can visit Earleywood and enjoy 2 hours of activities including our new Mini Golf course, Climb our Bouldering Wall and complete some of our Orienteering courses while enjoying the woods.  Additional people can be added to the booking for just £3 per person.  There will be up to 3 Groups (A, B or C) on the site at the same time split across Morning, Lunchtime and Afternoon allocated slots, so please comply with all Covid rules and social distance where possible (full Covid risk assessment is available here). 

**NEW FOR 2021** book an exclusive Evening Activity package. This allows for all 3 activities and use of our campfire circle.

User Guide video - watch before arriving

Family Special 3 for £15 Booking Rules

  1. This is a self service event only, from time to time Earleywood Wardens will be on site.  But please only book if you are happy to abide by the rules and be self sufficient.  All users should be aware of the Covid Risk Assessment and comply with their advice.

  2. No rubbish to be brought or left on the site.

  3. No eating or drinking facilities on site.

  4. No toilet or hand washing facilities on site - toilets to be locked and attendees to be clearly told to use their own toilets before arriving on site (nearest public toilets in Ascot).

  5. Must check in by scanning NHS Track & Trace QR code.

  6. There may be up to 3 different groups on site plus any Earleywood Wardens who will be on site from time to time.

  7. Each group must have at least one adult (person over 18 years old) who is responsible for their group to abide by these rules and ensure the safety of their group.

  8. Due to the location we are only accepting groups who drive to the site, as the road to the site is not suitable for walking or cycling.

  9. All activities are outdoor only so please remember the UK weather and come prepared.  Some parts of the wood can get muddy so walking boots or wellington boots may be more suitable for some activities.

  10. Please note we have Google RING security cameras on site which are monitoring for safety, please do not touch or move the cameras.

  11. Any injuries or incidents while you are on site please report it to Earleywood Management Board by emailing

Time Slot 1 (Morning):  9:30am - 11:30am


Time Slot 2 (Lunchtime):  12pm - 2pm


Time Slot 3 (Afternoon):  2:30pm - 4:30pm

Campfire Circle Experience (Evening): from 4:30pm until 8pm



Bouldering Wall

  • The entrance will be from the car park entrance, if anybody else is already in the climbing wall area, then you must wait outside on the left handside or sitting on the white wall - until they have left the climbing area.

  • Your feet must not be more than 1 metre from the floor

  • Please clean your hands before and after using the bouldering wall with antibacterial gel.

  • Only the use of the bouldering wall can be used and not the stand alone climbing tower.

  • An adult (over 18 year old) must supervise all users of the wall at all times.


Mini Golf

  • There will be 3 boxes with A, B and C on it in the undercover entrance to the Rowney and back door of Scout Centre.

  • In each of these boxes will be 2 golf clubs and 6 balls.

  • At the end of your session - please spray the golf club handles and balls with anti bacterial spray (available in each box).

  • The Mini Golf has just been built specifically for our site at considerable cost in time and funds.  So please respect this activity and treat it gently.  Some of the holes are still being further developed.

  • There are 9 holes in our Mini Golf course.  You have 40 minutes to play on it, if you are quick you can have multiple games.  Record your own scores on your phone and decide who your group's winner is!


Animal Trail or Orienteering

  • We have 3 new orienteering routes and an animal trail for younger children.

  • Maps should be printed in advance of attending

  • Compasses and pens should be brought by the groups.

  • The maps are available online (see links below) and can be accessed on your phone while there.

  • The site comprises of 9 acres of land so you can always just go for a walk or explore.

Evening Activity Package

  • This gives you use of the site for an evening in which you can enjoy all of the above activities plus enjoy building a campfire in our campfire circle

  • There is plenty of firewood (pallets) which you can use at the edge of our car park, use the trolleys between the containers to carry them safely down to the campfire circle. 

  • Don't forget matches!

  • When leaving please make sure the fire is out and douse any embers with water using the bucket provided.

Bring with you

  • Antibacterial gel to regularly clean your hands

  • Maps and Pens for the Orienteering routes one, two or three (leader guide)

  • Map and pens for Animal routes or Tree identification click on links to open and print before you arrive.

  • Campfire Circle bookings you may want to bring a torch in case it gets dark


Thanks for respecting our site and have FUN!

Our site is very secluded and safe with ample parking, it feels like you are in a Woodland Wilderness. Please make sure you adhere to all Government Covid guidelines; social distancing within your own groups and a minimum of 25 metres from apart from the other groups on site.

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