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Step 1 - Click Book on Earleywood website
Step 2 - Click Book Online Today
Step 3 - Create an Account or Login
Step 4 - Validate you email address
Step 5 - Find the email and click to confirm
Step 6 - Create a password
Step 7 - Start your booking by clicking +Add Booking
Step 8 - Enter details & select Easter activity package or Camp fire circle experience 
Step 9 - Select +Add Booking
Step 10 - Enter the details note adults = leaders
Step 11 - Each time has 3 slots available a, b, c
NOTE:  you may have to repeat this step and check for b or c if in the next step the time you want is already booked. 
Step 12 - Select the time that you want
NOTE: if the time slot is not available go back to Step 11 and try under a. b or c
Step 13 - Scroll down and select +Add to Booking
Step 14 - Now select Submit Booking
Step 15 - Then select Add Payment Method
Step 16 - Accept the Terms & Conditions
Step 17 - In Payments select +Add New Card
Step 18 - Enter you payment card details
Step 19 - Tick Authorise balance payment then click the proceed box at the bottom of the screen to proceed
Step 20 - That's it!  Shortly your booking will be approved and you will receive a confirmation email
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OSM step 1.jpg
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OSM 7.jpg
OSM 8.jpg
OSM 9 .jpg
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OSM 11.jpg
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OSM 14.jpg
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